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What is a home insurance inspection?

Many homebuyers complete a home inspection before buying a home to see if there are any issues they may encounter while living in it. As it turns out, your home insurance carrier may schedule a similar inspection after the policy is issued.

A representative may call to schedule an interior and/or exterior inspection. During this inspection, the representative will be looking for anything that may pose a potential insurance risk. Some common things that inspectors look at are:

  • The condition of the roof
  • Shrubbery or trees that may pose a threat to the structure of the home
  • Pathways to the home, ensuring they are safe and easy to traverse
  • Electrical outlets and wiring
  • Exposed plumbing
  • Any features of the home not marked on the home insurance – pools, trampolines, koi ponds, etc
  • Home occupancy – number of people and pets that inhabit the property

If there are any safety concerns, home improvement needs, extensive renovations, or issues with vacancy over 30 days, Lapointe Insurance will guide you through the process so you can successfully meet the safety criteria of your insurance carrier.

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