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Common Reasons for Policy Cancellation or Non-renewal

There are many reasons why your policy may be cancelled or non-renewed, including (but not limited to) the following:


Timely premium payments are essential for continuous coverage. Many home insurance policies are escrowed, meaning they are paid along with your mortgage. If you sell your mortgage or switch to a new mortgage company, it’s crucial to notify your insurance carrier promptly. Your agent may not always be authorized to request a rush payment from your new mortgage company. Therefore, proactively inform your insurance carrier about any changes in your mortgage information before your renewal date to prevent disruptions in coverage.

Ensuring your insurance company has updated mortgage details helps prevent any disruptions in coverage. Your vigilance in this matter is highly appreciated and contributes to the seamless continuation of your insurance protection. If you have any questions or need assistance in updating your mortgage information, please feel free to contact our service team at service@lapointeins.com.

Inspection Findings and Uncompleted Recommendations

Periodic home inspections assess the property’s condition. If recommendations for improvement are not addressed within the given timeframe, it may impact your policy. Promptly completing these updates ensures continuous coverage.


Frequent claims within a short period or large claims in general may affect your eligibility for policy renewal. Consider alternative solutions or preventive measures to mitigate future risks and maintain eligibility.

Material Changes to the Property

Significant changes to your property should be communicated to us promptly. This ensures that your coverage accurately reflects your property’s current state.

Violations of Policy Terms

Adhering to the terms and conditions in your policy is crucial. Intentional or unintentional violations may lead to policy cancellation. Reviewing your policy documents will help you understand its provisions.

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