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Navigating Roof Claims

If you’re contemplating a filing a claim for a damaged roof, here are key considerations:

Roof Condition

Insurance typically covers unforeseen events, not pre-existing conditions or normal wear and tear. Aging roofs may become more susceptible to damage, and insurers may scrutinize claims related to the roof’s age.

Claim Approval

Insurance companies often investigate claims, especially for roof damage. If the roof’s condition contributed to the damage, the claim could be denied or limited, leaving you with potential repair costs.

Premiums and Policy

Filing a claim, particularly if denied, can impact your insurance premiums. In some cases, denied claims may lead to policy cancellation or non-renewal, making obtaining insurance elsewhere more challenging and costly.


Remember to factor in your deductible before deciding to file a claim. Evaluate the repair costs against your deductible – if it’s close, it might be worth exploring alternative financing options.

While filing a claim is an option, we recommend exploring alternative solutions first, such as using savings or considering financing for repairs. This proactive approach helps you avoid potential downsides to your insurance coverage and premiums.

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