Auto Discounts for Students!

“Do you have a child going away to College this Fall? There’s a discount for that! Have a junior operator on your policy, who is also an excellent student? There’s a discount for that! And lucky for you, the discounts don’t stop there.”

Which Homeowners Policy is Right for You?

“If you own a home, or are planning to; you’ll want to think about the best way to insure it. Our goal is to match your specific needs to the right company. It pays to shop around, both for the best coverage and for a company that likes your type of home. Lucky for you, we do the shopping for you! We browse our over a dozen insurance carriers to find you the best coverage for your home and family.”

What’s Your ‘Why’?!

Our video visit series, “Who’s next?” landed John & Rick at Stone Gate Mortgage! While they were there they got some insight as to why these lenders get up and get after it day in and day out! We can relate, without a doubt!

Flood Insurance Tips for New Home Owners!

“If you are a prospective new homeowner in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut you may or may not have heard “Flood Insurance” come up in conversation. Many are unaware that reimbursement for flood damage is not covered under your standard homeowners policy.”

Yard Sale Liabilities!

Yard sales may appear to be a safe activity, but there are genuine risks to the seller (property owner) and to the customers who are invited onto the property. It makes sense, regardless of your insurance situation, to take steps to minimize the chances of problems occurring.

When & Why Should You Consider an Umbrella Policy

“Umbrellas are designed to be carried over a person’s primary (also known as underlying) liability coverage. Primary refers to the fact that in the event of a loss, the liability portion of your auto or homeowner coverage is the first to respond. Umbrellas or excess liability policies respond to an eligible loss only after the primary insurance has paid its limit.”

Real Estate Agents And Brokers Professional Liability

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Professional Liability Policy protects against loss due to wrongful acts committed by a real estate agent in the course of providing realty services. Besides covering wrongful acts, an insurance company would also handle the, often, high expense of providing a legal defense against lawsuits.