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What happens after an insurance inspection? (Property Recommendations and/or Policy Cancellation)

Following a home insurance inspection, it’s important for you, the homeowner, to know that the insurance company assesses your property to ensure it fits with the agreed-upon policy terms. If any discrepancies or areas needing improvement are found, you might be asked to make specific enhancements to keep your policy as is. It’s all about making sure your coverage stays in line with your property.

Usually, the insurance company gives you a reasonable timeframe to complete any suggested property updates. If, for some reason, you can’t meet the deadline, they might tweak your policy with some exclusions. For instance, if there’s an issue with your roof that you don’t fix, they might adjust your policy with a roof exclusion. This just means that any damage related to the roof or caused by its condition won’t be covered.

In more serious scenarios, if you consistently miss the mark on recommended improvements, the insurance carrier might decide to cancel your policy. So, it’s a good idea to address any concerns raised during the inspection promptly. This ensures your property stays in line with the insurance agreement, helping you maintain coverage and peace of mind.

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