How to Protect your Valuable Jewelry!

“Valentine’s Day often brings quite expensive gifts, commonly in the form of new jewelry. Whether you get the engagement diamond of your dreams, a gold necklace or bracelet set, or even an upgrade to a current piece- you should consider protecting it!”

Christmas Lights Safety Tips!

Making our homes cheerful and inviting with festive decorations and lighting is customary for most families. While they are awe-inspiring to look at, they come with many hazards, so we must take the proper precautions with them.  Here are 10 Tips to ensure your home is protected and your family has a happy and safe holiday.

6 Elements of your Homeowner’s Policy

“John discusses the most important coverages you will find in your homeowner’s policy; Dwelling, Other Structres, Personal property, Loss of Use, Liability and Medical Payments. He provides some real life examples of when and how the coverages will kick-in in the event of a loss or claim. “

Home Heating Safety Tips

“Have your furnace inspected to make sure that it will operate properly in cold weather. Clean filters and vents will go a long way to keep your furnace a source or warmth rather than a cause of a fire loss. An inspection should also make certain that your furnace is not a creating a dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Once a year, before the winter season is always your best option.”

National “Cyber Security Awareness Month”

Many are unaware that October is National “Cyber Security Awareness Month”, in this post we are aiming to raise awareness to serious cyber-attacks. These attacks are continually escalating in both occurrence and severity, so small business owners cannot afford to not properly protect themselves, as well as their client’s personal information.