Umbrella Insurance in MA, RI, NH, and CT

An umbrella insurance policy can protect you from claims that extend beyond the liability coverage limits of your home, auto, renters, boat, or other personal liability policies. If the cost of a claim ends up being more than the liability limits on one of the underlying policies, you’re protected.

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A personal umbrella policy provides additional insurance for property damage or bodily injury beyond your regular insurance policies, but they also extend to some things not usually covered.

In this way, the umbrella insurance policy works to fill in some gaps. Some situations such as the cost of providing a court defense, or “personal injury” offenses like libel or slander may not be covered by the underlying policies, but an umbrella will cover them.

In other words, the umbrella kicks in when a normally covered situation exceeds the limits of your regular insurance policy, or the underlying policy doesn’t cover them to begin with.

Different umbrella policies cover different things, and the coverage is provided in increments of $1,000,000. Premiums can vary between each company based on a number of factors that affect how much risk a specific person has, like the underlying policy limits, the number of vehicles or properties, and more.

 The greater your risk factors, the more you will need to protect yourself. Some high-risk factors include:

  • Owning a Personal Watercraft
  • Having a Young Driver in the Family
  • Owning a Swimming Pool
  • Owning a Recreational Vehicle

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