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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Teen Driver Insurance

Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for teens in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It’s an exciting time in their lives that symbolizes growing up and becoming independent. At only 16 years old, we are asking a lot of our kids. Most of them handle this shift with maturity. They proved they know the laws of the road by passing their driving test. Again and again they were told to pay attention to any potential hazards on the road, and they know not to text and drive or worse.

But they’re just kids still, and kids forget. They may get distracted by their friends playing music  in the car, or their phones, or anything really. Sometimes they are having a little too much fun going fast. While these things are understandable, they have another effect: They cause accidents, and make insurance rates go up.

Young drivers are expensive to insure because, statistically, they are involved in more accidents than any other age group. Adding a teen driver to your Rhode Island or Massachusetts auto insurance policy can increase rates by nearly 80%! But that doesn’t mean parents and teens can’t take some simple steps to reduce their auto insurance premiums.

Encourage teen to keep a clean driving record. A history of tickets or at-fault accidents is the biggest culprit when it comes to sky-high insurance premiums for teen drivers.

Ask about formal agreements not to drink and drive. The availability of a discount for signing such an agreement varies among insurers and states.

Insure teen as an additional driver on parents’ policy to take advantage of multi-car discounts. It is generally not economical for a teen to purchase a separate policy.

If possible, assign teen to the least valuable car. Generally insurers will allow consumers to do this only if the number of automobiles equals or exceeds the number of insured drivers on a policy. Otherwise, the teen will generally be insured as a part-time driver of the most expensive car.

Take advantage of young driver discounts. Many insurers offer premium discounts for good students (who maintain a grade average of B or better), those who take approved drivers education courses, and those who limit their driving hours.

Check out group offers. Check with your credit union, employer, alumni club or other organization to which you belong to see whether they offer group discounts through a particular insurer.

Drop unnecessary coverages. Save money by dropping rental reimbursement, glass, towing and replacement cost coverages. Towing coverage already may be covered as a benefit of membership in an automobile club or other organization.

Raise deductibles and pay for minor damage out of your own pocket if you suspect you may have to file multiple claims over the next few years.

If buying a car for a teen, take insurance costs into account. Consider purchasing a less expensive auto that is less expensive to insure. Remember: If you can’t afford the insurance, you can’t afford the car!

Ask about ‘away at school’ premium discounts. Some companies reduce premiums when students leave home for school and leave the car at home, assuming that the young driver will use the car only when home on break.

As a parent, your biggest priority is to keep your teen safe on the road. As a local independent agency, your neighbor, we want to make sure your loved ones are protected. Contact us today for a free teen driver insurance quote or some more info.