Nonprofit Business Insurance

If you run a charitable organization, a church, or nonprofit businesses of any kind in MA or RI, you know that a lot can go wrong. Business Insurance from Lapointe Insurance will reduce the risks you face in the nonprofit industry, so you can focus on what you do best: helping communities heal, grow, and come together.

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Businesses We Insure

Lapointe Insurance offers business insurance solutions for many types of not-for-profit businesses in MA and RI.

Churches & Religious Organizations | Community Centers | Counseling and Referral Centers | Charitable Organizations

Don’t see your profession? Don’t worry. We insure most nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We’d love the opportunity to insure yours!

Coverages we Recommend

  • General Liability Insurance

    Required for most commercial leases. This protects you against common business risks, such as customer injury or customer property damage.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

    Make sure your employees are protected with workers compensation. This can replace lost wages, pay for medical treatment, and protect your business in the long run.

  • Employee Practices Liability Insurance

    To protect against claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, or harassment by employees.

  • Directors & Officers Insurance

    Protects directors, officers, and other board members from legal expenses in the event of litigation.

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out our form today to get a free quote for food business insurance. It only takes a couple minutes! Available to community centers, religious organizations, and other nonprofit businesses in MA and RI.