Employee Bio: Michael Coleman

In the 20 plus years that Mike has been with Lapointe, his work ethic and exceptional customer service has allowed him to pass on meaningful insurance knowledge to not only his customers, but his coworkers as well. Mike is a dependable and trustworthy individual who has formed meaningful bonds with all of his clients. When he’s not at work, Mike enjoys working in his vegetable garden as well as serving as President of the Westport Business to Business group.

  • Job Title: Producer/ Account Executive
  • What year did you start with Lapointe Insurance? 1994
  • Favorite Part of Work: Great company to work for, love the coworkers. Loves the challenges of helping clients. The different challenges, needs of his customers
  • What do you Value/What is important to you?: honesty, sincerity, doing the best for his clients. Getting them the best insurance possible
  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work (Hobbies, activities, etc) Likes to go jogging at Westport town beach, work in yard (veggie garden (tomatoes, cucumbers) boating on the Westport river.
  • Favorite Musician/Band: Rolling Stones
  • Favorite movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe with Elizabeth Taylor.
  • TV Show: Any of the detective shows! No commercials
  • Ideal Vacation: Travel to Europe, able to see a lot in a short period

Describe yourself in three words:  Honest, Loyal, Trustworthy