Employee Bio: Bernice Taylor

Bernice’s dedicated approach to work has allowed her to succeed at Lapointe for over 20 years. She’s meticulous in her work which has led to the development of meaningful relationships between clients as well as her coworkers. Outside of work, Bernice enjoys spending time with her family in addition to going to the beach.

  • Job Title: Quality Manager
    • What year did you start with Lapointe Insurance: February, 1995
    •          Favorite Part of Work: Interacting with my clients and coworkers on a daily basis.
    •          What do you Value/ What is important to you? honesty, kindness and respect.  My family is most important to me.
    •          What do you enjoy doing outside of work (Hobbies, activities, etc): Spending time with my husband and four kids, going to beach
    •          Favorite Musician/Band: Anything Classic Rock
    •          Favorite TV Show: Law & Order SVU
    •          Ideal Vacation: A relaxing Cruise


Describe yourself in three words:  Dedicated, Honest, respectful