If you are a prospective new homeowner in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut you may or may not have heard “Flood Insurance” come up in conversation. Many are unaware that reimbursement for flood damage is not covered under your standard homeowners policy. They are in fact, two separate policies.

Just because you aren’t living along the coast or right on the water, does not mean your lender will not require you to obtain flood insurance. In fact, that is what ‘Flood Zones’ determine. If you are in a flood zone, we can get you a policy through either FEMA or a private flood insurance company. And, on the other-hand, we offer what is called a ‘Preferred Risk’ policy for those who are not in a low-risk or no-risk flood zone, but choose to have the coverage in case of an emergency. These policies are much less expensive and are another option.

If you have any questions in regards to flood coverage, flood zones, different policy options, etc., feel free to reach out to John Lapointe @ (508) 642-5558