Yesterday we attended the Credit For Life Fair at Bishop Stang High School.

We attend several of these fairs each year, and help students understand the importance of insurance and what it costs, very valuable life lessons are learned!


“Each spring, the Institution for Savings, in collaboration with local high schools in our market, coordinates and underwrites the Institution for Savings Credit for Life Fair. The Credit for Life Fair is a nationally recognized program designed to help high school students develop personal financial management skills that they will use throughout their lives.

Specifically, this is an interactive half day fair when 11th grade students play the roles of 25-year old adults and are assigned professions and annual salaries. Then working within a budget based on their monthly “income,” students visit 10-15 booths over a 3 hour period to make “purchase” decisions utilizing cash, credit or savings. During the course of the Fair the students will also be faced with a variety of unexpected occurrences:  their ‘car’ breaks down and needs extensive repairs; their ‘pet’ needs to go to the vet;  etc. During and at the conclusion of the Fair they will be required to visit the Credit Counseling Booth where they will be able to check their “credit” and determine whether they are indeed living within their budget. ”

Click here for more info about credit for life from the Institute for savings.

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John Lapointe
Account Executive