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Contact Your Insurance Carriers

Use the info below to get in touch with your insurance carrier whether you need to make a payment, submit a claim, or view your policy.

Website: https://www.plymouthrock.com/
Online Bill Pay: https://ci2.plymouthrock.com/qpay/login
Report a Claim: https://www.plymouthrock.com/claims

Service Center Number: 866-669-6465
Auto Claims: 888-324-1620
Home Claims: 800-523-5329

Website: https://www.progressive.com/
Online Bill Pay: https://www.progressive.com/manage-policy/
Report a Claim: https://www.progressive.com/claims/property-process/

Phone Number: 1-800-776-4737
Auto Service Center: 877-776-2436

Website: https://www.travelers.com/
Online Bill Pay: https://www.travelers.com/pay-your-bill
Report a Claim: https://www.travelers.com/claims/report-claim

Client Service Number: 877-872-8737
Auto & Home Claims: 800-252-4633

Website: https://vermontmutual.com/
Online Bill Pay: https://arc.vermontmutual.com/quickpay
Report a Claim: https://vermontmutual.com/claims/report-a-claim

Phone Number: 1800-435-0397

Make Bills Payable to:

Vermont Mutual Insurance Group
PO Box 188, 89 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05601